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Катамаран на продажу на Вавау за $12 800

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Это не только катамаран, но и готовый бизнес (вернее - компания со всеми лицензиями, купив которую, получаешь и катамаран, и право заниматься этим бизнесом (все уже оформленно), и, можно подать на этом основании на бизнес-визу.

Об'явление не мое, просто копирую его текст сюда:


Naivi-Tu Yacht Charter only $12,800 USD FIRE SALE Sailing the reef protected, peaceful Vava’u Island Group for “Fun and Profit”
Naivi-Tu is a 42 foot Catamaran sailboat (Wharram Narai 4 design), cutter rigged and set up to charter the placid waters of Vava’u. You could live aboard her as her original owners certainly did. The boat was built in 1983 and completely refurbished in the mid 90’s. It is 21 feet wide and has accommodated up to 22 passengers at one time. A more comfortable crowd is under 10, but the boat can handle it.

The boat/yacht has been out of service and moored for some time now awaiting its current owners arrival, which isn’t going to happen and there goes their dream up in smoke. Thus, this give away price. As fate has it, one’s loss can be another’s gain. The current owners reinstated the company and secured licenses and permits to operate, but never could come out to get into operation. The boat will need some refurbishing, exactly what need be done can be documented by the earlier survey reports. Whatever the work needed to bring the Navi-Tu into service, the price for buying it allows for a lot of expenditure for any refurbishing.

Vava’u is the number one best place for day sailing and chartering. Moorings does a big business here, thanks to what nature provided, a huge water wonder world play ground completely protected by island and reef barriers, keeping waves in check while allowing the cool breeze trades to prevail. Vava’u is the perfect sailing scenario, like on a big lake in the ocean, safe, secure, with wind yet minimal sea motion.

All one need do to get into the business is buy the company. Buying the company qualifies you for your business residency visa. Fun and profit is truly the situation here.

The Naivi-Tu day sailed only, but has been licensed for charter trips over night and for weeks at a time. The day sail, snorkeling and island hopping trips are quite popular. The boat is in demand and was always booked. You can figure it out the potential profits yourself. Virtually no overhead because sailing is free, just a couple hundred per day income is not a bad income for this life of leisure and what most pay dearly for. Consider this option when you are in traffic headed for your daily torture. This cubical on the sea in the friendly islands of Vava’u has to be by far a healthier option.

Das Boat; has two 300 liter water tanks, toilet, galley, shower, electronics, solar, cooler, pilothouse and tiller too. New sails (8 years ago but hardly used) new gear, refit, epoxy over ply, roller furling, always has been dry as a bone in the bilges, spare parts galore, swift, comfortable and very native in its style. It can accommodate 3 couples for overnight, but again, the day trip business is probably the most profitable and best use of this craft. Owned by a meticulous German, the boat was sailed from Germany.

A deposit of just $2,000 USD will hold this business/boat until one can sort out the details.




Вопрос из личной переписки :
"Реально ли приобрести на тонга катамаран или недорогой катер и обслуживать на нем туристов(плавать в море, занимать дайвингом и рыбалкой) ?" o.O
Приобрести реально, вот только цена вопроса ?  :tired:
На этом сайте одно из таких предложений :
- этот катер продает одна австралийская семья, только в нагрузку с землей, которая у них в долгосрочной аренде.Цена в предложении отсутствует, можно только догадываться. Знаю еще один большой катамаран, который его хозяин построил только в прошлом году и сейчас никак не может продать за T$48500 ( примерно 27К американских).
Добавлю от себя : бизнес, которым Вы интересуетесь , " в чистом виде" нерентабелен (пример выше) по простой причине :все отели и гестхаусы как правило имеют собственные плавсредства для организации водного отдыха туристов и , соответственно, иметь только катер/яхту/катамаран для этих целей нецелесообразно. И еще одно соображение : о.Вавау- специфический курорт, процентов 80 % иностранных туристов-это яхтсмены со всего  света. Как следствие-все свое у них с собой. :mybb: