Business for Sale or Trade

Falaleu Deli and The Hideaway Floating Bar are now offering 20% ownership. This is a working partnership with Millen Enterprises the parent company. Assents include deli equipment, private recipes and the float houseboat "The Hideaway" and a new 10 year lease in a prime location.

Those of you that have eaten at the deli or purchased food for you home, know this is a good business to invest in. This next years revenue are set to be the best year yet! With the new location on Fatafehi Road, traffic will drive the sales through the roof!

If you are interested in this opportunity please let me know. Terms, conditions and even partial trades will be considered. Cash is preferred but vehicles, land, etc will be entertained.

Yo may purchase 1% or all 20% it's up to you.

Asking price is only $2,000TOP per 1% ownership. Please remember that I am open to trades.

Major shareholders:
Barry Millen +676 8440056
Char Millen +676 8702788


Если купите хотябы 5% - устроим на этой основе бизнес-визу.