Новости Сферы Туризма Тонга (official newsletter) Aвгуст 2016
Marketing Update August 2016


Malo e lelei,

Over the last few days, Tonga have been getting great publicity all over the world from almost every major news organisation regarding Team Tonga at the Rio Olympics opening 2016.

Тонга currently have 7 athletes representing Tonga in Swimming, Archery, Athletics and Taekwondo at the Rio Olympics which includes Pita Taufatofua.
(В последние дни Тонга получила широкую известность в мире от практически каждого крупного новостного агенства по поводу Тонганской олимпийской команды в открытии олимпиады-2016 в Рио)


We are finalising work for the new Tonga Visitor's Guide 2016 -2018. We don't want you to miss out, if you would like to signup your tourism and travel related business to be included, please contact seini{}tourism-tonga{}com today.
(Мы заканчиваем работу над новым Tonga Visitor's Guide 2016 -2018 (официальный путеводитель бесплатно распространяемый на Тонге для туристов). Если вы хотите включить свой бизнес в путеводитель, свяжитесь с Seini сегодня).

The Kingdom of Tonga has recently been highlighted by almost every major news organisation all over the world due to Pita Taufatofua's determination to showcase Tongan culture and tradition to the world - as he carried the flag of Tonga at the 2016 Rio Olympics opening. We would like to wish all the athletes representing Tonga at the Olympics all the best and would like to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice to reach such an amazing achievement. #TeamTonga  #Rio2016


Our website (wwwtongaholiday.com) has had a major increase of page hits since the Rio Olympics Opening 2016.....this is a great opportunity for your business to be showcased, please send our team any Hot Deals you would like to offer and we will feature this on the website. Contact mana{}tourism-tonga{}com or seini{}tourism-tonga{}com for more details.
(Наш вебсайт wwwtongaholiday.com получил существенный приток посетителей после открытия олимпиады-2016. Это огромная возможность для рекламы вашего бизнеса - если вы можете предложить какие-нибудь Hot Deals - свяжитесь с Mana или Seini)

Tongatapu Island

Signage Project

Directional signs and interpretational signs for local tourist sites have been finalised and are well on their way with procurement. 

'Eua Island

Newest businesses
‘Eua Whale Watching
Owner- Falakiko Falemaka
Phone: (+676) 50-255 or 83-8817 or 77-06203
Highlight Guest house
Owner – Temalisi Maile
Address - Mata’aho, ‘Eua
Phone: (+676) 50-143 or 77-71245
Email: highlight_guesthouse{}hotmail{}com
Matalanga ‘a Maui Lookout (Tour guiding/bikes available)
Contact – Sione Pulu Paasi
Address - Kolomaile, ‘Eua
Email : sionepulupaasi16{}gmail{}com

Ha'apai Island

Signage project for the Ha'apai Islands are on the way and are currently with procurement. This signage project includes directional signage to tourist sites. Along with this is the Ha'apai Visitor Information Centre. This also aids to improve visitor experience and improve directions to local tourist sites.

Vava'u Island

Signage project for the Islands of Vava'u are also well underway and is currently with procurement. This also includes an upgrade for the Visitor Information Centre in Neiafu, Vava'u. Currently there are two staff working at Visitor Information Centre: Mele and Hainite (+676)  70-755

Visitor Statistics 2016

For the latest visitor statistics please check out the latest reports:
(Статистические данные о визиторах/туристах)
Airport Terminal Services - Passenger Statistics (July)
Tonga Statistics Department - June Report (Published in July)


Reg Phillips from Pacific Travel Media is currently meeting with tourism operators in Tonga to finalise the 2017 Tonga Visitor Map. We hope many operators will participate on the Map this year as Tourism Tonga will be using this as a resource.
Contact number for Reg Phillips: +676 779 4111, reg{}tongapacific{}com.
(Заканчивается работа над новым буклетом - карты Тонга для туристов, распространяемого бесплатно. Приглашаем вас прислать фотографии - выбранная фотография будет использованна на обложке и может стать потрясающей рекламной возможностью для вашего бизнеса).
Tourism Operators are invited to send any images they feel would make a great Front Cover for the 2017 Visitor Map.  The image selected will be acknowledged and represents a great marketing opportunity for your business.