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прямой рейс Samoa - Vava'u, еще один - теперь местная RealTonga ! ! !

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MA60 resumes flights to Vava’u today

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 20:49.  Updated on Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 11:27.

Tonga's MA60 aircraft was scheduled to fly Vava'u at 3:00pm, today Tevita Palu, the CEO for Palu Aviation announced this morning at Fua’amotu Airport.

The 56-seater aircraft, a gift from the Chinese Government to the Tongan Government, has faced difficulties of remaining in service since it landed at Fua’amotu Airport in July 2013.

After it arrived the MA60 was operated by the Real Tongan Airline until February 2015 when the Tongan government  suspended its domestic operation and took it back from the operator.

However, early last month, August, Tevita announced that the Real Tonga Airlines had leased the MA60 from the government for four years and it was to resume service to Vava’u soon.

Tevita this morning clarified that the delay in getting the service underway was over trying to finalise an insurance policy for the aircraft.

He said that for a start the MA60 will fly domestically once a week from Tongatapu to Vava’u, and then they will increase the frequency if needed.

Apia (столица западного Самоа)

Real Tonga has also announced they plan to start a new service between Tonga and Apia next month, using a different aircraft.

Tevita admitted that one of the difficulties of their operation is that they are using five different kinds of aircraft.

He also pointed out that national airlines in the region are owned by the government, except Tonga. He said that he has offered Real Tonga to the Tongan government “at no cost” but they were not interested.

http://matangitonga.to/2016/09/20/ma60- … va-u-today



Обещают, что таки запустят с 1-ого июля, подтверждение я получил лично в оффисе Palu Aviation в Нукуалофе, однако информации точной пока нет, но сказали что на днях об'явят. Пока что известно, что рейс будет осуществлять Самоанская авиакомпания, Самоа-Нукуалофа.

Вот: http://www.talofaairways.com/Passenger- … on/routes/

Самоанская авиакомпания, Talofa Airways, Samoa (Western Samoa) на своем сайте пишет, что с 1ого июля начинает рейсы на Тонгу и из Apia (Западное Самоа) и из Американского Самоа (Pago-Pago): По 2 рейса в неделю.

Fagalii (Samoa)  Tongatapu (Tonga)
Flight Time 1 hr 50 mins - UP TO 2 Flights per week

Pago Pago (American Samoa)  Tongatapu ( Tonga)
Flight Time 1 hr 50 mins - UP TO 2 Flights per week

Samoa - Tonga Service
Flights to Tongatapu will commence on 1st July, 2017.

Direct service to the Kingdom of Tonga from Fagalii downtown airport in Apia Samoa and from Pago Pago American Samoa. At just under jet speed for this small but legendary aircraft, the Twin Commander will get you there quick. Connecting Vava'u passengers can book on Tongas domestic airlines through our booking office or your travel agent for connecting domestic services operating daily between Vava'u and Fua'amotu airport.

Можно забронировать/купить билеты на сайте http://www.talofaairways.com и цены там тоже есть. Около 500 USD в одном направлении.

Факт открытия прямого рейса между Тонга и Самоа увеличит туристический поток на Тонгатапу и Вавау, соответственно повысится спрос на Accommodation (отели, guest-houses)...



И даже частный гидросамолет... :-)
водный самолет , гавань Вавау, 12 июля, фотки:   https://yadi.sk/d/Ow02pWnc3L6L6q

Выяснилось, что за гидросамолет летал:

Seaplane demonstration in outer islands

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 23:10.  Updated on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 11:04.
Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Kokiak 100 Seaplane, Lupepau'u Airport, 11 July 2017.

A Kodiak 100 seaplane owned by Setouchi Holdings Inc., demonstrated flights capable of both land and sea landings in Vava’u and the two Niuas last week.

The Governor of Vava'u and Niuas, Lord Fulivai contacted and invited Setouchi Holdings Inc., a Japanese seaplane company to provide the demonstration, but its future operation in Tonga has yet to be determined.

Ngahauoma Fakatoukatea said the plane landed in Neiafu on 11 July with Dr Go Okazaki, Executive Managing Director of Setouchi Holdings Inc., Tenshin Yazawa, Director of Pacific International Ltd (local branch), and pilot John Goulet.

On 12 July, the plane took Lord Fulivai and others to Niuatoputapu and scouted possible landing areas, before landing on the airstrip. They were able to attend the Niuatoputapu Royal Agricultural Show. Dr Okazaki and Mr Yazawa also met HM King Tupou VI.

The pilot said the protected waters adjacent to Falehau Wharf in Niuatoputapu are a perfect area for seaplane landing and takeoff.

He said returning from Niuatoputapu, the seaplane carried out two demonstration landings and take off at the Port of Refuge bay, off Neiafu.

On 13 July, the seaplane landed at Vai Lahi in Niuafo’ou, demonstrating its ability before taking off again and landing on the airstrip.

"HM King Tupou VI suggested to Lord Fulivai and his guests that not only would the Kodiak 100 be beneficial for the Niuas but it would benefit the outer island areas of Ha’apai that do not have access to airstrips."

Along with economic benefits, such an aircraft could pick up people who need immediate medical treatment, such as those who are injured, sick or going into labor to give birth, he said.


Ngahauoma said at this stage, the official dealings with Setouchi Holdings have only involved the demonstration flights last week.

"While there are many options for the seaplane, and contracting or creating a local aviation business for its management, such dealings have not yet been finalized, so we cannot say for sure as to when the plane will be flying, but we are aiming to have it operational before July next year."

He said its business focus would most likely be flights and chartering to the Niuas and Ha'apai and in tourism which will be beneficial to the local economy like whale watching as well as transportation, outer Island development, flight education and environmental study.

He said Lord Fulivai’s primary focus is caring for the Niuas, Niuafo’ou in particular because its airstrip is frequently flooded by rain. The Kodiak 100 is capable of providing emergency transport of people and supplies to and from the Niua’s if their grass airstrips are not accessible, he said.

The seaplane is expected to return to Auckland via Tongatapu, this weekend.
http://matangitonga.to/2017/07/17/seapl … er-islands


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Теперь местная авиакомпания Real Tonga об'явила, что запускает прямой рейс Самоа - Вавау - всего 560 паанга билет !



Вы здесь » Форум сайта Tonga.Land.AM - иммиграция на Тонга » Новости Тонга, Вавау, Океании » прямой рейс Samoa - Vava'u, еще один - теперь местная RealTonga ! ! !